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Gold and Oil: East and West

December 7th, 2014

drop-148198_1280Asia recently encountered a drop in gold prices. Meanwhile, investors have been showing increased interest in China manufacturing data. Since the stronger US dollar made gold less appealing, there was a five year drop in worldwide oil prices. Currencies in emerging markets escalated vis-à-vis the dropping dollar but there was a dip in Japanese stocks following its credit rating.

Tokyo likewise encountered a drop in the precious metal, which was more surprising given its high record over the last year.

Moving over to India, the region recently encountered an alleviation of the rigid restrictions that have been in place on gold imports. They originally existed in order to diminish the burgeoning account deficit. But it led to frustration in the jewelry industry, simultaneously with an increase in gold smuggling.

After China, India is the biggest importer of gold. The Reserve Bank of India has now lifted the rule that requires the re-export of at least a fifth of the gold importers bring in.

Indians are Asia’s Big Spenders Says Survey

August 1st, 2012

Indian business travelers have the second largest budget for spending per trip, with only Singaporean businessmen topping them, spending $339 versus $468, according to a recent survey.

The survey showed that the most important elements of a business trip to travelers from the Asia-Pacific region were the location, a free Wifi connection and competitive prices of hotel rooms.  Asian businessmen based their choice of hotels on the closeness of the hotel to the business venue, with 53% saying it was an important feature of their choice. The presence of Wifi influenced their decision of where to stay 49% of the time, while competitive rates were slightly less important, with 46% saying that fact influenced their decision.

Thailand is the up and coming star as a top business destination according to the survey, which was conducted by Accor Asia-Pacific Business Traveler. The most visited destination today is Hong Kong, with Singapore following closely in second place.

The survey was done during July 10-16 and asked 2,500 travelers from a total of nine countries in the Asian region, including Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan. All the respondents made business trips during the first half of 2012.