Shenzhen Fundamentals Replaces Four on the 60-stock Index

June 20th, 2010 by admin Leave a reply »

China- The Shenzhen Stock Exchange, China Securities Index Co., Ltd. has announced that the Shenzhen  Fundamentals will be in the Shenzhen stock index series for the first sample adjustment . This adjustment officially goes into force on July 1, 2010.

Shenzhen Fundamentals is set to replace four on 60-stock index, which includes Asia Standard construction, BOE A, and into the new technology into the index and gold wind, deep Chiwan A, * ST vanadium and titanium, and Shandong Electric Power Zhangze; all of which were transferred out of the sea-based index.

The Shenzhen 120 Index iis making some changes as well.  The 120 is set to replace 12 fundamentalstocks, Xugong, Yang shares, stocks and securities into the index of the Northeast, deep Chiwan A, Eastern Market, long voyage was transferred out of Phoenix and other indices.

The Shenzhen 200 Index is set to replace 19 fundamental stocks, shares Yang, Sui Hengyun A, all music and other stock into the index, Shenzhen Chiwan A,, mid-A, CITIC was transferred out of the sea till the index.


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