Equity Fund Management Companies and the Best Return on the First Half ?

June 21st, 2010 by admin Leave a reply »

Korea- The first half of this year showed the outstanding performance of domestic equity funds Car Traded index funds (ETF) , respectively. Byeolroneun medium-sized management company management company that stood out from the war .

20 days , according to financial information provider epeuaen guide based on the last 18 days of Tobacco Since Most YieldThe higher funds ‘ securities traded index Samsung KODEX CarInvestmentTrusts ( stocks ) had profits of 25.53 percent on . ‘ Instead, Hyundai Securities traded GIANT Indices Hyeongtujasintak ( stock ) to a yield of 22.53% was ranked 2nd . ETF car side by side 1, 2 ranked .

Franklin Templeton Investment Trust Management in signing foreign operations ‘FT Focus Securities Jatujasintak ( shares ) Class C-F ‘ as a return of 19.84 percent over three records, has attracted attention . The fund launched in September 2008 been the last elite unit to focus on blue chip companies to invest ‘ Equity Focus -style ‘ management strategies to pursue .


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