Toshiba Investing in Asia

October 7th, 2014 by admin Leave a reply »

toshibaToshiba is making a substantial investment in Southeast Asia. Its sales target in the region is double of its current figure: $7billion. The firm plans to a further $1billion there too over the next five years.

According to Hisao Tanaka, company CEO and President, Southeast Asia is viewed by Toshiba as a “strategic manufacturing hub” for the company’s principal businesses like hard-disk drives and semi-conductors. The region also boasts other benefits that regions like Japan is lacking, such as “high economic growth and a young, highly capable workforce.”

Toshiba also plans on developing a new infrastructure in Indonesia and a medical equipment manufacturing plant in Malaysia, supporting the medical equipment sales company that was recently set up there. As well, Toshiba’s business-to-business product range is set to expand in the region, with an anticipated 50 percent growth in the 2016 fiscal year.


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