First half of the 178 foreign enterprises to invest in Hong Kong to create 1,980 job openings

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Hong Kong- Since investment has increased heavily in Asia, Hong Kong in the first half significantly increased the amount of foreign investment . Invest Hong Kong announced that the first half of a total of 178 foreign enterprises to invest in Hong Kong or expand their business , not only reached the annual target of 66% , but also the creation of 1980 jobs.

Invest Hong Kong Chief Executive Donald Tsang yesterday  hosted a reception to thank the recent development or expansion of business in Hong Kong enterprises , and about 300 senior officers from different sectors attended . Mr Tsang said Hong Kong 1st quarter of this year’s economic growth rate compared with the same period last year , an increase of 8.2 %, far more than economists expected , also hit 4 -year high . Meanwhile, Hong Kong’s GDP rose 4 consecutive quarters , reflecting the investment promotion agency .

Mr Tsang said that as the tightening of credit funds , and the world ‘s turmoil in the financial crisis , large investment funds transferred to the Asian region and  Hong Kong also benefited .  Invest Hong Kong will control the timing shift of funds , implement a series of measures to improve overall competitiveness , including more countries sign agreement to avoid double taxation , the yuan trade settlement plan , and the advantage  of industry within Hong Kong .

Director of Investment Promotion, Mr Galpin said that the first half of a total of 178 foreign enterprises to invest in Hong Kong has reached full year target of 66% amounting to 3.224 billion Hong Kong dollars , but also for the creation of 1980 jobs.

Mr Galpin said the completion of the first half of this year ‘s investment projects , 39 % from Asia Pacific , 31 % from Europe, North America accounted for 24%. In addition , Invest Hong Kong , India and Russia also have additional professional consultant familiar with the local market to meet the growth BRIC markets .

This year happens to be  the 10 year anniversary of Invest Hong Kong and also  the successful completion of over 2000 projects. Related enterprises investing in Hong Kong have added a total of more than 25,000  Hong Kong  job openings and the total amount of investment in more than 52 billion Hong Kong dollars .


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