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Asia Sun Investments

March 18th, 2016

solar-panelsIt might just be a good time right now to make an investment in the solar industry throughout Asia. This is because of the increase in populace in the area as well as the dearth of conventional energy sources. As a result, Asia is doing a fine job of promoting its alternative sources of energy.

Solar seems to be the one that is really gaining momentum in Asia. You just need to take a look at India and see how important solar is there; the government has stated that it intends to increase its solar capacity 30 fold in the next four years. At the end of 2015, ASEAN member states discussed the possibility of using renewable energy to solve the problems with limited electricity that the entire region encounter.

And then when you look at China, the revenue for solar power generation there increased at a yearly rate of 145.3 percent from 2010 to 2015, bringing in a grand total of $2.6(US) billion. So that’s real money and a real reason to get on the investment bandwagon for FDIs. Another advantage of solar investments is the increasingly popular promise of environmental consciousness and solving pollution issues.

And then there’s Indonesia. That region’s development as a solar market is likely to get quite substantial, given the Bali Clean Energy Forum’s announcement of a 5 GW goal. Especially given what Sudirman Said, Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources for Indonesia said on the launch of his Center of Excellence for Clean Energy that will expedite the expansion of renewable energy, up to 23 percent of the national energy mix by 2025. This center is set to “support the development of the 35 MW electrification programs [sic], of which 25% or about 8.8 GW will come from renewable energy.”

Ultimately, using renewable energy is a feasible method to generate energy in Asia. In terms of solar power, the South Asian region is privy to pretty much the perfect combination of high solar insulation and a large quantity of potential customers.