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Iljin Diamond, 10 Billion Investment for Expansion

June 29th, 2010

Iljin Diamond LED and Solar Cutting lines and industrial boards plan to invest 100 billion yuan in the next year .

The recent global economic recovery , coupled with growth in the LED and solar industries are increasing the demand for new investment decisions and judgments , they said. Solar LED substrate side and the actual cutting Iljin powder fields sales were 7 billion up from 700 million last year. This year it was increased 10 times to 200 billion .

A company official  said, ” The board affirmed an investment in precision material cutting products and cutting powder and the high value-added products. ” He said ” less than 20% by the end of the scale of the value-added product sales will increase by 40 percent , ” he said.

Mahindra Heads To Space

June 27th, 2010

Anand Mahindra Vehicle manufacturer Mahindra has announced their leaping into space.An initial investment of Rs 250 crore is planned .

Mahindra Group Vice President and Managing Director Anand Mahindra told reporters here during a program ,” We manufacture equipment in the business of 150 crores and the aircraft are investing Rs 100 crore.” He said, ” huge opportunities exist in space and it is a growing area .  The area has unlimited opportunities . ”  He said, ” Mahindra is going to make it a new frontier .”

Mahindra is putting its weight behind their space investment for the next two to three years and expects to expand.  Already Anand Mahindra has lined up agreements with foreign companies and investors.


Interest Rates, Selective Credit Control Unit, Room for fear? Fai-Nan Perng: Do the right thing

June 24th, 2010

Taiwan – Contrary to expectations, the central bank of Taiwan raised interest rates, and adopted selective control over the housing market  due to issues with stock markets, raised fears of terrorism , and the collapsing housing market. In this regard, the central bank president Fai-Nan Perng stressed that ” the central bank needs to do the right thing ” and stressed ” this is a very very relaxed fine-tuning and will not affect the general mortgage.”

Fai-Nan Perng emphasized the main reason the Central Bank Council decided to raise interest incorporates three major factors. First, continuing global economic recovery , benefit from the emerging countries of Asia and other major trading partners needs to heat up, China’s exports and investment to expand the company and unemployment situation has also gradually improved. This is coupled with a moderate increase in private consumption , making this yearly quarter’s economic growth rate of 13.27% . In addition there has been a  better than expected  economic performance of domestic and foreign institutions that have revised Taiwan’s economic growth forecast this year. In May this year, the Bureau of Statistics reported the economic growth rate to be 4.72% of the original estimate and was revised to 6.14 percent .

Second, with the warming of global demand , pushing up oil and other international raw material market , the domestic retail market prices all reflect the cost increase , from January to May this year, which is the domestic consumer price (CPI) annual growth rate of 1.19%. DGBAS forecast for this year by the CPI annual rate of 1.27% was revised to 1.4%.

Third, since the second half last year , because domestic economy has warmed , the central bank gradually exited its quantitative easing policy allowing bank excess reserve positions to be reduced to normal levels. This has been connected with a gradual increase in the overnight rate , M2 growth target zone annual growth rate back to the middle Value in the vicinity  since April this year.

First half of the 178 foreign enterprises to invest in Hong Kong to create 1,980 job openings

June 23rd, 2010

Hong Kong- Since investment has increased heavily in Asia, Hong Kong in the first half significantly increased the amount of foreign investment . Invest Hong Kong announced that the first half of a total of 178 foreign enterprises to invest in Hong Kong or expand their business , not only reached the annual target of 66% , but also the creation of 1980 jobs.

Invest Hong Kong Chief Executive Donald Tsang yesterday  hosted a reception to thank the recent development or expansion of business in Hong Kong enterprises , and about 300 senior officers from different sectors attended . Mr Tsang said Hong Kong 1st quarter of this year’s economic growth rate compared with the same period last year , an increase of 8.2 %, far more than economists expected , also hit 4 -year high . Meanwhile, Hong Kong’s GDP rose 4 consecutive quarters , reflecting the investment promotion agency .

Mr Tsang said that as the tightening of credit funds , and the world ‘s turmoil in the financial crisis , large investment funds transferred to the Asian region and  Hong Kong also benefited .  Invest Hong Kong will control the timing shift of funds , implement a series of measures to improve overall competitiveness , including more countries sign agreement to avoid double taxation , the yuan trade settlement plan , and the advantage  of industry within Hong Kong .

Director of Investment Promotion, Mr Galpin said that the first half of a total of 178 foreign enterprises to invest in Hong Kong has reached full year target of 66% amounting to 3.224 billion Hong Kong dollars , but also for the creation of 1980 jobs.

Mr Galpin said the completion of the first half of this year ‘s investment projects , 39 % from Asia Pacific , 31 % from Europe, North America accounted for 24%. In addition , Invest Hong Kong , India and Russia also have additional professional consultant familiar with the local market to meet the growth BRIC markets .

This year happens to be  the 10 year anniversary of Invest Hong Kong and also  the successful completion of over 2000 projects. Related enterprises investing in Hong Kong have added a total of more than 25,000  Hong Kong  job openings and the total amount of investment in more than 52 billion Hong Kong dollars .

40 Billion Dollars Invested in Indian Telecom Sector

June 22nd, 2010

India- The Indian Telecom Sector in the current fiscal year is expected to invest a record 40 billion dollars into its telecom network.  India is set to expand to over one billion mobile phones in the next two years.  This kind of network expansion warranted the type of heavy investment that appears to be coming. .

Telecom Equipment and Services Export Promotion Council said Wednesday that  there were 20 billion dollars in investment last year. Council Secretary RK Pathak Kaamyunikcshiaya said “here in 2010 that India’s broadband wireless access in 3G development and expansion of existing networks is due to the investment increases that will be this year.

Pathak said that the next financial year will be lower because the investment in hardware and infrastructure development associated with the telecommunications industry, will be close to completion . Every year India has an estimated 2.0 million new customers to connect to its telecom network.

Equity Fund Management Companies and the Best Return on the First Half ?

June 21st, 2010

Korea- The first half of this year showed the outstanding performance of domestic equity funds Car Traded index funds (ETF) , respectively. Byeolroneun medium-sized management company management company that stood out from the war .

20 days , according to financial information provider epeuaen guide based on the last 18 days of Tobacco Since Most YieldThe higher funds ‘ securities traded index Samsung KODEX CarInvestmentTrusts ( stocks ) had profits of 25.53 percent on . ‘ Instead, Hyundai Securities traded GIANT Indices Hyeongtujasintak ( stock ) to a yield of 22.53% was ranked 2nd . ETF car side by side 1, 2 ranked .

Franklin Templeton Investment Trust Management in signing foreign operations ‘FT Focus Securities Jatujasintak ( shares ) Class C-F ‘ as a return of 19.84 percent over three records, has attracted attention . The fund launched in September 2008 been the last elite unit to focus on blue chip companies to invest ‘ Equity Focus -style ‘ management strategies to pursue .

China Ends Yuan’s Special Connection to the Dollar

June 20th, 2010

China- In what maybe the most important trade and investment news in the last week, China has done what many had felt they were going to do for some time…end the Doallar’s exclusivity in relationship to the Yuan.  Below is the press release from the People’s Bank of China:

Further Reform the RMB Exchange Rate Regime and Enhance the RMB Exchange Rate Flexibility

In view of the recent economic situation and financial market developments at home and abroad, and the balance of payments (BOP) situation in China, the People´s Bank of China has decided to proceed further with reform of the RMB exchange rate regime and to enhance the RMB exchange rate flexibility.

Starting from July 21, 2005, China has moved into a managed floating exchange rate regime based on market supply and demand with reference to a basket of currencies. Since then, the reform of the RMB exchange rate regime has been making steady progress, producing the anticipated results and playing a positive role.

When the current round of international financial crisis was at its worst, the exchange rate of a number of sovereign currencies to the U.S. dollar depreciated by varying margins. The stability of the RMB exchange rate has played an important role in mitigating the crisis´ impact, contributing significantly to Asian and global recovery, and demonstrating China´s efforts in promoting global rebalancing.

The global economy is gradually recovering. The recovery and upturn of the Chinese economy has become more solid with the enhanced economic stability. It is desirable to proceed further with reform of the RMB exchange rate regime and increase the RMB exchange rate flexibility.

In further proceeding with reform of the RMB exchange rate regime, continued emphasis would be placed to reflecting market supply and demand with reference to a basket of currencies. The exchange rate floating bands will remain the same as previously announced in the inter-bank foreign exchange market.

China´s external trade is steadily becoming more balanced. The ratio of current account surplus to GDP, after a notable reduction in 2009, has been declining since the beginning of 2010. With the BOP account moving closer to equilibrium, the basis for large-scale appreciation of the RMB exchange rate does not exist. The People´s Bank of China will further enable market to play a fundamental role in resource allocation, promote a more balanced BOP account, maintain the RMB exchange rate basically stable at an adaptive and equilibrium level, and achieve the macroeconomic and financial stability in China.

Many pundits have already begun commenting on this move and the possible consequences for the United States whose economy is close tied to China’s.  Of course with all the “guesses” one thing is clear and that is China is recognizing more and more that it need not be shackled by economies that appear to have hit a decline.  For those who are investing in China, this bodes very well for the future.

Shenzhen Fundamentals Replaces Four on the 60-stock Index

June 20th, 2010

China- The Shenzhen Stock Exchange, China Securities Index Co., Ltd. has announced that the Shenzhen  Fundamentals will be in the Shenzhen stock index series for the first sample adjustment . This adjustment officially goes into force on July 1, 2010.

Shenzhen Fundamentals is set to replace four on 60-stock index, which includes Asia Standard construction, BOE A, and into the new technology into the index and gold wind, deep Chiwan A, * ST vanadium and titanium, and Shandong Electric Power Zhangze; all of which were transferred out of the sea-based index.

The Shenzhen 120 Index iis making some changes as well.  The 120 is set to replace 12 fundamentalstocks, Xugong, Yang shares, stocks and securities into the index of the Northeast, deep Chiwan A, Eastern Market, long voyage was transferred out of Phoenix and other indices.

The Shenzhen 200 Index is set to replace 19 fundamental stocks, shares Yang, Sui Hengyun A, all music and other stock into the index, Shenzhen Chiwan A,, mid-A, CITIC was transferred out of the sea till the index.